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What to consider when buying a wood shredder

Wood shredders are designed in a way that they reduce the bulk of wood waste. In a home setting, they are useful in reducing yard waste while making disposal easy at the same time. These are especially used by the landscapers, and even gardeners in places where it’s illegal to dispose off the waste materials by open burning or even landfill dumping. Industrial wood shredders help in processing materials relating from wood production. They are designed to handle a wide variety of shredding applications. They shred materials such as solid timber waste, soft wood, wooden pallets, and demolition wood, including furniture. The wood shredder for sale is available in many ranges, making the task of finding a suitable one that satisfies your needs  daunting. To make it easier, here are a few things to put into consideration.

Best for both home and commercial use.

Wood shredders which are designed for commercial use ought to be built using heavy duty materials and should additionally be more durable in comparison to those purchased for home use. Furthermore, to put into consideration is how frequently will the machine be used and where it will be stored.

The size of the property or project area.

You must know about the size of the project that is to be undertaken when selecting an appropriate machine for the job. Large areas, which have lots of branches will require a machine that has greater mobility and more chopping capability. A home yard will require a small shredder which is mostly made of nylon cutting string inside, hence ideal for cutting leaves and soft material.

Engine styles

The size and type of engine a wood shredder will have are also an important decision to consider. A Wood shredder for sale can be bought either with an electric motor or even an internal combustion engine. Large wood shredders are generally have gas powered engines. They also have tractor mounting bars; this is because an electric engine would not be able to provide the power needed for bigger projects.

Other considerations

Number of blades. A machine which has more number of blades will run more efficiently. Additional blades remove the stress from the engine and increase the life of the machine.

Vacuum attachments come with some wood shredders, making cleaning up the yard waste less time consuming.

Safety and compliance

All wood shredders should be certified from the outdoor power equipment institute and American national standards institute. Reading all the manufacturers instructions before operating the machine is also equally fundamental. Also, you must check the shredder thoroughly to be sure that all parts are in working condition and that the shields and guards are in perfect place.

Quality features of an industrial wood shredder

Ø Have a robust cutting system

Ø Revolutionary drive

Ø Maintenance fee ram

Ø Rugged and operator friendly design.

Wood shredders make it easy to reduce the bulk of wood waste. The zws series single shaft shredder from zerma, for example, offers an economical method for realistic wood size reduction. Visit their website for other shredders available. It’s important that while looking at a wood shredder for sale, you put the features you are looking for into consideration like the engine size, etc.