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Why Concrete Rainwater Tanks Are Preferable

Rain water tanks have proven to be the most efficient way of saving rain water as a solution to water shortages in areas that experience frequent shortages. While the water is not clean enough to be used in the kitchen for cooking and drinking, it can be utilized in the gardens or in the washrooms. This is why it’s always advisable that families invest in rain water tanks. Still, you just don’t buy any tank as choices have consequences and different tanks have their consequences too. A report on ABC south east in November 2010 examined copper poisoning which was tied to acidic rain water from plastic tanks corroding household copper water pipes. The report additionally distanced concrete rainwater tanks from these accusations by saying that these tanks leach lime into the water which then serves to reduce the water acidity, thereby reducing its corrosion of copper pipes as well.

Why concrete water tanks are preferable

First is the aforementioned benefit of health. Concrete rainwater tanks are much healthier than other choices as they neutralize the acidity in water. Additionally, these tanks keep your tank cool and dark and as such bacteria free as these are the conditions in which bacteria cannot thrive. Concrete tanks have also been proven for a long time now to be algae and cryptosporidium free. These tanks also have supper strength as they are reinforced with steel. This, therefore, means that they can withstand any amount of pressure without succumbing to damage, including damage from the roots of trees. This quality also makes them ideal for storage under driveways, courtyards, sheds and other heavy load areas. Still though there are maximum weights that these tanks can bear. Therefore, it’s good to check first. They are also perfect for Australian condition given that they are bush fire proof and will last longer than any other types of tanks in the market. They are also at minimal risk of corrosion and rust, qualities that make the water even safer. Also, the fact that concrete rainwater tanks in Sydney can be stored underground makes them space efficient. See more here Sydney Water Tanks


When it comes to Sydney concrete rainwater tanks, there are two main options. You can have them precast and then delivered to your site for direct installation or you can have them poured on site to your specific taste. These two choices also offer the owner the chance to determine the size of tank that they will need. For the underground installations, a little excavation will have to be done. But it’s worth it given that you will save some much needed space in the end.

Also, while you have made the decision to get concrete rainwater tanks, other important factors that you will need to keep in mind is the size of the tank that should be determined by the amount of rain in your area as well as your water usage. Also, if you really have to drink water stored in these tanks make certain that you use filters as most of rainwater usually is contaminated. Visit for some of the best Sydney concrete rainwater tanks.